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  • Online donation management
  • Fundraising campaign management
  • Annual appeal letter writing
  • Fundraising, event planning, and management


I’ve spent the last 8 years working at nonprofit agencies, which requires unique methods of fundraising. I’ve handled more than a few fundraising activities–from writing annual appeal letters and managing donors to putting on events and running campaigns like…

Hear the Cheers

While working with Chicago Hearing Society, a division of Anixter Center, ESPN reporter, Sarah Spain, and her 8th grade mentee, Eliza Peters, asked the organization to partner up and start a fundraising campaign to pay for hearing aids and equipment for children.

Sarah and Eliza were competing against other “teams” in a larger fundraising competition, which meant by the time they came to Chicago Hearing Society, they only had two weeks to pull off the fundraising campaign.

I quickly created a landing page and donation form on our website and began sending messages out via social media. Tapping into our existing email lists and Sarah’s online followers, we raised $20,000 in those two weeks.