Hi there! I’m a communications professional with over 15 years of experience managing communications, marketing, and fundraising. In addition to the hands on experience I accumulated over the years, I have a Master’s in Communications.

I’m fueled by a passion for trying innovative ideas, learning about the next big thing, and juggling multiple projects.

Throughout my career, I’ve found myself performing a lot of those “other duties as assigned” tasks. Whether it was shuttling international guests around Miami, leading team building games, converting a digital logo into a 3D printed version, managing a Young Professionals Board, giving talks at libraries about assistive technology, using a CNC router to make branded coasters, or any of the other myriad projects, I always enjoy the spontaneity and challenge of special projects.

When I’m not at work, I’m most likely spending time with my wife and kids, playing with my dog, puttering around the house and yard or brewing cider. That is of course, if I’m in the states as we like to get the family out of the country at least once a year to explore and experience new cultures and places.